“The first step in knowledge is to listen, then to be quite and attentive., then to preserve it, then to put it into practice, and then to spread it.” –Sufyan bin ‘Unayah-


Well, here it goes. A couple days ago, my office sent me and one of my officemate to an halfday seminar entitled “social Media and PR Trends 2015”. This seminar was held by Perhumas (Perhimpungan Hubungan Masyarakat Indonesia). As a public relations practitioner, we have to emphasize our skills due to our daily activities in PR task. These seminar provide us new knowledge, new sight, and new perspective, especially about social media for PR.

Then, why social media? Nowadays, people love to share. Photos, activities, food, travel places, pets, videos, and so on. And, what tools is the most effective to send it across? The answer, is the only one, social media. Let’s say facebook, twitter, path, instagram, pinterest, youtube, and the most professional one, LinkedIn.

Without us knowing, those social media has been aroused in every activity in our social daily life. Including our job. Social media, now being the most effective tools on PR task. This should be realized that, we, as PR Practitioner can utilize it maximally.

The seminar took 2,5 hours with 5 speakers, who were very expert in PR practices, from conventional to modern. This notes below is what I can share with you during the seminar. Hope it can give you any benefits inside. Please correct me if I do wrong. And, lets updating our status 😀 Happy socializing with the media, people!

Why social media?
• Because, now, people love to share
• Being the most effective tools on PR task in this age

Hery Kurniawan (VP – CEO Office & Community Relations Group Head at PT Bank CIMB Niaga)

1. Sapto Anggoro (PT Binokular Media Utama)
“Challenges of Managing Corporate Image in Digital Age”
• Penting: Effective Monitoring
• Dalam sosmed, bukan banyak-banyakan content, tapi yang penting adalah bagaimana content Anda di-notice oleh influencer
• Media monitoring shows how corporate act

2. Erik Meijer (Suaminya Maudy Koesnaedi, Strategic Brand Advisor at Ooredoo, Previous: Citilink, Garuda Indonesia, Indosat)
“PR in the Digital Age and Some 2015 Trend Prdictions”
• Social Media is a very cost efficient and effective tools to get your messages across
• Fun facts in Indonesia: Jarang ada pimpinan/direksi korporasi yang aktif di sosmed
• Now, people spent less ad in TV, they migrate to digital marketing
• Risiko sosmed:
 Cyber bullying
 Contoh: Iklan “Ke Aussie lebih murah daripada ke Bekasi” by Indosat
 Indosat dibully di sosmed karena iklan tersebut
 ‘Frank’ customer responses
 Customer menjadi sangat jujur di sosmed
 Sebab: orang bisa (berani) berubah saat di sosmed
 Unpredictable outcomes
 Inginnya outcomes yang seperti apa, justru yang diterima seperti apa
 Contoh: McD campaign “#McDStories”. McD inginnya customer share yang bagus-bagus tentang pengalamannya makan McD. But it goes horribly wrong. Look at some tweets below

McD Stories

McD Stories

Sumber: http://www.businessinsider.com/mcdonalds-twitter-campaign-goes-horribly-wrong-mcdstories-2012-1?IR=T&

 High customer expectation
 Dengan kemudahan, kecepatan dan sifatnya yang mobile, keberadaan sosmed juga meningkatkan ekspektasi dari konsumen, misalnya respon yang cepat. Jika lambat merespon, konsumen semakin protes
 Human error
 Typo, salah info, dll
 Competitive counters
 Adanya komentar pembandingan perusahaan/korporat dengan kompetitor
 Blackmail
 @triomacan2000, dll

• Keyword for Digital Marketing in 2015
 Content marketing
 Responsiveness
 Mobile
 Cross-device targeting
 The ‘Internet of Thing’ (IOT)
 Social commerce
 Video
 Visual over text

Erik Meijer

With Erik Meijer 😛

3. Dr. Nia Sarinastiti (Akademisi dan Praktisi PR)
“Social Media & PR Trends”
• 3 simple guiding principles: be seen, be heard, be respected
• 2 things to remember: the process and the routine
• 1 important: it begin and end with you
• 5 steps to becoming a socially credible leader
• Best socmed for personal branding: LinkedIn, register now
• “Your identity is your most valuable asset” – Eric Schmidt, Chairman Google

4. Budi Putra (CEO Jakpost Digital)
“Corporate Communication in Digital Era”
• When in crisis management, corporate has to open, share what you have done, and what will you do
• Best practice in crisis management: Crash of AirAsia QZ 8501
 First thing first: the CEO comes up, say sorry and controlling the evacuation
 They protect the families who were on board from the media
 Provide press room and all the information for media only from corporate crisis management team
 Turning the color of website into grey, shows their deep sorrow
 They tweets all their activities during the evacuation
• Worst case in crisis management: Lion Air delay
 No CEO
 Very late response
 Un open to publics
• Watch your content. Admin jangan hanya ngetweet doang, tapi juga harus punya wewenang untuk menjawab dan merespon semua pertanyaan dan komentar yang masuk
• As a corporate communication, shape your corporate image first before social media did

5. Diana Abdullah Abubakar (Founder Killiney Voice Berliner)
• How spreads your messages
 Coventional media (printed media) to build trust
 Digital media to build awareness and engagement
• MEA 2015 sudah di depan mata, get ready, because sadly Indonesia is quite low
• Dalam sebuah korporasi, community engagement dan internal relations itu penting
• PR is not about hard selling. It’s a softselling


As a Participant

As a Participant